'Kanban - Authorising the flow'

Available from Amazon, This e-book is aimed at people involved in the implementation of Kanban within a manufacturing environment and provides a ‘roadmap’ for implementation.

It gives the reader, a real life working example of a Kanban system from conception to deployment including calculations, forms, documents, charts and pictures and discusses the thought processes, rationale and decision making steps encountered throughout the implementation and offers real lessons learnt and opportunities for improvement.

See how Average demand, Order frequency and Stability of demand
are measured and used in an empirically tested calculation to automatically determine if an item is a suitable candidate for Kanban or not.

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'Organising The Flow: One Piece Flow Templates, Forms and Documents'

Implementing Lean Manufacturing processes and methods is an exiting and sometimes testing time. Creating documents, forms and templates can be a time consuming (and non value adding) diversion.

This guidebook is a collection of blank and sample documents used (in a structured way) to help plan, record and measure the implementation of one piece flow within a manufacturing environment and provides a clear strategic 'roadmap' for the implementation.

It gives the reader / user, real life working examples of calculations, forms, documents, layouts and charts (supplied in a microsoft office bundle) required for a successful launch.

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